Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 6:30pm

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BOTTLECRAFT Beer/Wine + VENISSIMO Cheese Tasting 

Beer and wine aficiando Gene Fielden from Bottlecraft and cheese monger Rob Graff from Venissimo team up to enchant your senses with exquisite pairings.  Indulge in oodles of delightful tasteful moments while exploring the connection and chemistry behind the “right” choice of wine and beer and how it can heighten and intensify the flavors of your food. 


"With the influx of refugees in the 30s, Hollywood became a kind of Athens. It was as crowded with artists as Renaissance Florence. It was aGolden Era…It had never happened before. It will never happen again.” —S.N. Behrman



In this powerful evening of music and art - Camarada celebrates the sanctuary of a very special place in Southern California - the Villa Aurora.  The Villa Aurora is located in Los Angeles and has been used as a haven for artists of all kinds throughout it's existence.  It is the former home of the German-Jewish author Lion Feuchtwanger and his wife Marta.  Spirit. Struggle. Triumph. celebrates the composers and the story of those who gathered at the Villa Aurora.


Prepare to be mesmerized by Andrea Overturf, principal english horn of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra, in her first appearance with Camarada. The evening of music features many well known Jewish composers whose works are performed and savored by audiences across the globe. The perseverance of all these composers to make music despite oppression is a true feat. History will come to life in Camarada’s Spirit, Struggle, Triumph.

Beth Ross Buckley, flute  Andrea Overturf, English horn  Dana Burnett, piano

Abe Liebhaber, cello  Travis Maril, viola  Dave Buckley, violin  Pei-chun Tsai, violin

Bread & Salt, Barrio Logan

1955 Julian Avenue
San Diego, Ca 92113